Credit Origination

  • Includes application, applicant, product, policy, and channel information  
  • Supports comprehensive review of underwriting performance, decision efficiency and policy adherence


Booking & Servicing

  • Includes account, customer, product, pricing, status, delinquency, and financial performance information
  • Historical snap-shots, inclusive of all balance, pricing and payment performance 
  • Supports detailed analysis of profitability, portfolio dynamics and credit scoring


Collateral Management

  • Collateral value, collateral status, repossession activities, inspection, auction performance
  • Supports analysis and creation of broker re-purchase programs and incentives 


Charge Off & Recovery

  • Includes charge-off type, charge-off and recovery financials, recovery agency
  • Enables dissection of credit defaults, recovery success, credit risk segmentation, loan loss reserve calculations

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